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Sika China HQ Settles Down in Suzhou

April 18, 2006 witnessed the entry of Sika (China) Building materials Co., Ltd. in SIP, a prestigious foreign-invested company. SIP leaders, senior Sika officials, major building contractors, and local media attended the foundation-laying ceremony for Sika HQ building and Phase One project to witness the historic event.

Sika is the most important global supplier of building and chemical materials and a multinational corporation with manufacturing and sales in over 70 countries, operating for over a century since its founding in 1010. Its involvement in Asia market started 70 years ago. The products and business of Sika covers construction engineering of all civil and public amenities, water-proof construction, all types of concrete fabrications, and construction protections, etc.

Sika Great China Division established Hong Kong company in 1958, and then Guangdong Sika Building Materials Limited in 1994. As the business of Guangdong company grew, Sika set up branches or offices in Tianjin, Beijing, Dalian, and Shanghai. In 2006, the year of Sika’s large-scale investment in China, Sika decided to build its China HQ in Suzhou, which involves the HQ building and the first phase of project, including a technological center. Sika acquired a land area of 75,000 square meters in SIP for the project, and the investment amounted to 20 million USD. So far Sika’s investment in China has added up to 50 million USD.

Sika’s expansive investment in China is guided by the principle “global participation and localized technology” and its R&D activities consistently follow the principle of “globalization concept and localized implementation”. The core R&D facility at HQ in Switzerland is backed up by regional technological centers in Germany, France, USA, Japan, and Malaysia, and such a framework has promoted the speedy transfer of technology and patented knowledge to global application to serve the market. Sika has always styled itself as a “multinational local enterprise” that places the customer’s demands to the core position of business. The key for its high-quality solutions is that all its products, systems and comprehensive services are customized according to the local demands.

As a century-old enterprise with international fame, Sika has shown strong competitive edge by quality assurance and technological and logistic support. Sika stresses systematic solutions, and its commitment to innovative solutions is aimed to basic demands of man: resistance to natural factors, clean water, reliable energy supply, advanced infrastructure and transportation, preservation of architectural values, and speedier and safer transport. Sika persists in meeting the changing demands of customers and end users with its products, and in expanding the application scope of the products. Sika so describes its mission: “We shall consolidate our superior position, and explore new potentials of success by renewing and developing our products, systems, and procedures!”

Apr. 18, 2006

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