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Loufeng Hi-tech Development Zone Certified As Provincial Electronic IT Park

The first electronic IT parks in Jiangsu Province were certified on April 13. Among the 6 industrial parks in the province, Loufeng Hi-tech Development Zone, SIP, was authenticated as computer and related equipment industrial park. All the six parks will promote the industrial division of work, specialized development, and competition in the province as core carriers of IT industries.

Jiangsu (Loufeng) Computer and External Equipment Industrial Park owed its sustained rapid growth to the favorable external environment and advantageous position of SIP. By the end of 2005, the development zone had attracted 170 foreign-invested electronic IT enterprises with a total investment of 1.9 billion USD. The sales revenue from electronic IT enterprises amounted to 11.8 RMB in 2005. Along with increased clustering of electronic IT industries within the zone, special features are being demonstrated more clearly in the enterprises with strong innovative capabilities in the following 6 fields: computer and related equipment, integrated circuit, optical-electronic components, consumer electronics, communication and software.

The development zone will continue to improve the development environment for electronic IT industries, enhance support by regional polices and backup facilities, attract overseas and domestic finds to form relatively complete industrial chain of electronic IT and to build Loufeng |Township into a nationally-known electronic IT park.

Apr. 17, 2006

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