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Mainland's First WLP Line Settles in SIP

China WLCSP Ltd. held a grand opening ceremony in SIP on April 2 for its operation and the allied laboratory in cooperation with US Tessera Company. Among the 100 guests of honor on the occasion were Mr. Eliav Benjamin, Consul General of Israel in Shanghai, Ma Minglong, Director of Sipac, Mr. Yang Zhiping, Vice-director of Sipac and Executive Vice-president of CSSD, Mr. Fan Kun, Vice-director of SIP Customs, and leaders and senior managers of China-Singapore SIP Ventures Co., Infiniti Venture Capital, American Tessera Company, etc.

China WLCSP Ltd. is a joint venture established by China-Singapore SIP Ventures Co., Infiniti Venture Capital, and Israeli Shellcase Company for the production and R&D of Wafer-level packaging of semiconductor. China WLCSP Ltd. possesses the first Wafer-level packaging line in China, and the second of its kind in the world.

Tessera Company of USA, listed at Nasdaq, is the biggest owner and provider of intellectual property rights in the field of semiconductor packaging technology, and its market value exceeds 1 billion US dollars. The successful opening of the allied laboratory marks further improvement of the semiconductor industrial chain in SIP.

Apr. 10, 2006

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