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SIP Logistics Center Hits Record High in Operation Service

Since the commencement of operation a year ago, SIP Logistics Center has been under special care and full support of state leaders, General Administration of Customs, National Bureau of State Taxation, Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Commerce, National Bureau of Foreign Exchange Control, and other ministerial agencies. In the year 2005, the Center handled a total value of 8.8 billion USD for goods under control, and released 300,000 tons of goods. This year is showing sustained fast increase of operation service. From January to March, the controlled goods amounted to 3.8 billion USD, released freight to 146,000 tons, and customs clearance bills to 32,697, which are 11.4, 11.1, and 7.4 times over the corresponding period of last year. The month of March, in particular, hit the record high in operations. In the month alone, the goods under control amounted to 1.43 billion USD, freight released to 52,000 tons, and customs bills to 13,141. An average of 570 bills were processed for customs clearance.

Following the entry of the top-500 global logistics enterprises like UPS, KWE, and American-owned BAX and GLOBAL, more logistics enterprises are moving into the Center, such Fieg of Germany, SinoTrans of China, etc. Many of the logistics enterprises are planning to expand their warehousing areas to accommodate the fast growth this year. An additional 0.18 square kilometers of the Center has been approved by the inspection group of General Office of Customs, and gone into operation.

As the first bonded logistics center in China, SIP Logistics Center will continue to contribute to the development of international procurement, delivery and distribution for the new and hi-tech industries in SIP and adjacent areas as a first-rate regional logistic base.

Apr. 7, 2006

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