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East-of-lake Will Put on Dance "Spring Flowers and Waters Under Moonlight"

A floating stage is being set up on the east of Jinji Lake for the opening ceremony of the 9th China Suzhou International Tourism Festival. On the gigantic floating stage of over 1,000 square meters will be enacted a grand show with the theme of "spring flowers and waters under moonlight".

The floating stage, which measures 58 meters in length and 27 meters in width, is set up on the lake surface near Modern Plaza to the east of Jinji Lake. Water waves are painted on the decorative boards that circle around the stage, and flanking the foreground are two huge balls rising slowly from the surface as the stage is being illuminated. Two large flower buds in the background will arouse a sense of expectation and fantasy. Modern technology will be employed to present changing light and colors on the stage screen to heighten the performance and achieve dazzling stage effect interacted with water.

On the opening ceremony, scheduled on April 21, folk performances will be given by artists from the Netherlands, Venice, Ireland, Singapore, India, Brazil, and Hawaii. Special shows by Russian National Ballet Troup and Brazilian Samba Troup will be arranged during the festival. The opening show consists of 5 chapters of water culture, featuring the regions of southern Yangtze delta, Europe, Asia, tropical waters, and Chinese water city, which will be fully demonstrated against the unique background of the floating stage.

Mar. 30, 2006

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