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SIP Bonded Logistic Center Bridges the Gap between Production and Logistics

Administrative Office of SIP Bonded Logistic Center and General Administrative Office of SIP Export and Processing Zone jointly held a “Presentation on Services of SIP Bonded Logistic Center” to over 70 representatives of enterprises within SIP Export and Processing Zone on the afternoon of March 30 at SIP Modern Logistics Building.

Administrative Office of the Bonded Logistic Center and the customs office stationed at the Center introduced several customized logistic operation modes in the Center for enterprises in the Export and Processing Zone to suit the production, procurement, and sales of these enterprises in line with the advantageous policies and functions of the Center. Attendants at the meeting held a lively discussion on how to make better use of the Center as a third-party platform to improve the logistic and management efficiency of their enterprises. The manufacturing enterprises of the Export and Processing Zone also had exchanges and interaction with the logistics enterprises of the Center on procedural details of the services by the Center.

The presentation was intended to build up a bridge between manufacturing enterprises in SIP and the logistics enterprises in the Center so that more manufacturing enterprises will benefit from the comprehensive services of the professional third-party logistics.

Mar. 31, 2006

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