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Haochen Technology Localizes ICAD Software

Haochen Technology in SIP Sci-Tech Park recently comes out with its independently developed intelligent computer Aided Design (ICAD) platform series software – ICAD 2006.

Currently, the CAD products commonly applied by domestic users belong to the mainstream platform from overseas, which to some degree has been taken as the designing standard in China. But these products are not affordable for most of the users because of high price. Now, the ICAD platform provides an ideal alternative with high compatibility with the foreign mainstream CAD platform in functions, interfaces and menus in addition to the superior localized Chinese language processing functions. More importantly, the price of ICAD platform from Haochen is only one fifth that of the similar foreign products.

The ICAD platform of Haochen is now being well received by customers of designing industry, and an increasing number of users have signed agreement with Haochen. In August 2005, Shenzhen Architectural Designing Institute made one lump of software purchase from Haochen in the value of 1.4 million RMB. The Haochen product is also accepted and recommended by local authorities in Hebei, Fujian, Xinjiang, Dalian, Jilin, Shandong, Yunnan, Jiangsu, Tianjin, other provinces and municipalities. Haochen ICAD platform software successfully passed the evaluation by Ministry of Construction, and experts commented that the software enjoys independent intellectual property right, and its overall level could be rated as the advanced in China.

What makes ICAD 2006 superior to the old editions is the real-time backup system, capable of synchronized recording of the drawing process, and the speed of reading and saving the drawings, which is on average 30% faster than the ICAD 2005 edition.

Haochen Technology is now striving to build up a reputed CAD software enterprise hallmarked by domestic basic platform software with industrial application, to form an alliance of second-stage development based on Haochen ICAD platform, to go all out to provide platform and interface technology for R&D enterprises in CAD industry, and to form a CAD development and sales network. The overall independent innovative capabilities are being raised to speed up the growth of China’s CAD software industry.

Mar. 29, 2006

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