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CAS, Province, and Municipality to Cooperate in Building Nanotech Research Institution

China Academy of Sciences, Jiangsu Provicne, and Suzhou Municipality signed a memorandum on March 27 on the joint establishment of CAS Suzhou Nonotech and Nono-bionics Engineering Research Institution, thus ushering in a new stage of the cooperation between CAS and Jiangsu Provicne.

Shi Erwei, Vice-president of China Academy of Sciences, He Quan, Vice-governor of
Jiangsu Provicne, and Yan Li, Vice-mayor of Suzhou, sign the memorandum.

Nanotechnology, the most influential field or scientific research following information engineering and biological engineering, is now in transition from basic research towards industrial application, and brewing a profound revolution in industrial technology. The research institution jointly set up by CAS, Jiangsu Province and Suzhou Municipality will further strengthen research in nanotechnology geared to modern manufacturing industries, and provide technological support to the economic and social progress of Jiangsu Province.

The joint objective of the three parties: strive to build up a research institution with global influence in 15 years.

The major fields of research in the institution will include nanotech materials and apparatus, nanotech biological technology and nanotech medicine, nanobionics engineering, and nanotech biological security technology, and other frontline scientific and technological topics of the world to meet the strategic and future industrial demands of the country. Consistent efforts will be made to achieve integration of innovation in knowledge and technology with regional innovation, integration of technological innovation with the training of innovative talents, integration of concerted efforts of CAS and local governments with cooperation with international organizations. The objective is set to build up an internationally influential research institution in the field of nanotechnology and nanobionics engineering with distinct features.

The SIP bionanotech park in Dushu Lake Higher Education Zone, SIP.

The planned research institution will be located in Dushu Higher Education Zone, SIP, and the construction of various projects will be completed by the end of 2007. A contingent of rationally formed researchers with strong innovative capabilities will be organized to push forward the technological innovation and upgrade the level of industrial development in Jiangsu Provicne.

Mar. 27, 2006

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