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Waseda Room Unveiled at Suzhou Middle School at SIP

The delegation of International College of Waseda University, Japan, led by Professor Snowden, Teaching Administrator of the college, visited Suzhou on March 23, and on behalf of Waseda University, Prof. Snowden presented a collection of fine-bound books to Suzhou Middle School at SIP. Gu Yuehua, Deputy Director of Suzhou Municipal Bureau of Education, attended the unveiling ceremony for "Waseda Room" and gave a speech.

The collection of books presented by Waseda University contains 479 copies, of which over 400 are English editions and 70 Japanese. Most of the books are editions of early years, some dating back to 1914 and 1920. The SIP School specially prepared a "Waseda Room" to store these books. During his visit, Prof. Snowden delivered a lecture on "the 3C in International Education – Communication, Creation and Curiosity", which was warmly received by the audience.

The exchange and cooperation between Waseda University and Suzhou Middle School started two years ago. Suzhou Middle School at SIP and Waseda University signed a cooperation agreement in February 2004, by which it is decided that "enrollment base of Waseda University" will be built at the SIP campus, and the foundation course for the university will be opened when conditions are ripe. In July 2004, Mr. Yang Weize, then Mayor of Suzhou, and Mr. Shirai, President of Waseda University, signed an agreement on the cooperation between the People's Government of Suzhou Municipality and Waseda University of Japan, and on the same occasion, President Shirai personally awarded the acceptance notification to the first batch of 6 students enrolled by the university.

Mar. 23, 2006

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