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SIP Holds Training Class on Policies and Regulations of Inspection and Quarantine

Customs clearance personnel learns instructions on inspection and quarantine regulations from the publicity streamers.

Suzhou Import and Export Inspection and Quarantine Bureau and Sipac jointly held a training class on "inspection and quarantine regulations and operation" on March 23 in coordination with the month-long city-wide publicity campaign on the policies and regulations of inspection and quarantine. Experts from the municipal inspection and quarantine bureau gave courses on the policies and regulations of inspection and quarantine, procedure of declaration and clearance, and points for attention to some 300 trainees from marketing department of SIP, customs officials dealing with import and export commodities, and customs clearance agencies. The experts also briefed the trainees on the latest results and future direction of the reform in the work of inspection and quarantine aimed to accelerate the operation of modern logistics.

Mar. 23, 2006

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