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SIP Allocates Millions RMB to Support Technological Innovation Enterprises

SIP Conference on Technological Innovation was held on March 22, at which Sipac issued the "Decision on Enhancing Independent Innovative Capability and Building Up an Innovative SIP" and 6 documents on tentative implementation methods. The first batch of 16 technology enterprises in Suzhou received a total assistance fund of 26.5 million yuan RMB, for the purpose of key technological breakthroughs, the transfer of major technological achievements, and industry-geared cooperation projects of production, emulation and research.

16 enterprises received 26.5 million RMB technology assistance fund.

It is pointed out in the "Decision" that the government is to allocate 3-5% of financial revenue to the newly founded technological development fund with progressive annual increase of 30%, and that innovation capital chain and multi-polarized capital market will be built through accelerated venture investment undertakings, hi-tech industrial "angel" investment fund, and warranty market.

With clear focus on innovative industries in the light of regional industrial development strategy, SIP will put its resources chiefly on promoting the development of technological enterprises in software, IC, biology, cartoon, optical electronics, precision machinery, and new material industries. Sipac will enhance its support for technological enterprises through taxation policies, and push forward independent innovation by enterprises through government procurement and other means.

SIP Conference on Technological Innovation was held on March 22.

Sipac fully supports and encourages the establishment of R&D institutions by domestic and overseas organizations and individuals, and all efforts to utilize global research funds, technology and human resources to uplift SIP's primary innovative capability, integrated innovative capability, and renewed innovative capability based on adaptation of global achievements.

The "Decision" calls on efforts to further improve the functions of Int'l Technology Park and Dushu Lake Higher Education Zone, to accelerate the construction of Creation Industry Park, the Bio-Bay Technology Park, and CAS-SIP Technology Town, and to improve the functions of the public service platform of software evaluation and testing, IC design and testing and other public technological platforms.

Wang Jinhua (left in photo), Deputy Secretary of CPC Municipal Committee and Secretary of
SIP Party Working Committee, attends the conference and delivered an important speech.

The "Decision" calls on the establishment of an innovation mechanism based on creation, management, implementation and protection of intellectual property rights, and vigorous promotion of the work concerning intellectual property rights in SIP. An intellectual property right system will be established with patents and trademarks as main contents, and efforts will be made to create core intellectual property rights, and to foster a contingent of enterprises with independent brand names and products on significant scales.

Mar. 22, 2006

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