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Green Grounds Will Claim Half of SIP

In SIP, where green grounds have exceeded 45% of the total area, the goal was set at the recent SIP Working Conference on Ecological Improvement to basically build up a demonstration ecological industrial park before the end of the year.

To ensure the attainment of the grand goal, SIP will expand its green ground by 350,000 square meters in 2006, while planning and implementing the experimentation on cycled economy and enhancing law enforcement. To improve the ecological level of SIP, fish fries and water plants will be deployed in the Jinji Lake, and a project to improve the ecological conditions of Yangcheng Lake will be started. The crab-breeding area on the Yangcheng Lake will be reduced by 8,000 mu, and 100 mu will be added for reed growing. Sewage pipe system will cover 100% of the whole of SIP.

By the end of 2005, 17.22 million square meters of green grounds had been built in SIP, and greening rate reached 45%. With the added green grounds this year, about half of SIP will be covered in green. Supervisory and surveying department indicates that the environment quality index has risen to 95.5, which far surpassed the index 80 for the standard of well-off society. The continued efforts in green projects w ill further improve the quality of environment in SIP.

Mar. 21, 2006

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