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Fagerhult Co. Assists Needy Students of SIP

The warm spring afternoon of March 21 saw the start-up of the "Bright Future Scholarship" of Fagerhult Lighting (Suzhou) Co., Ltd. to aid needy students of SIP at the ceremony held in the meeting room of SIP No.1 Middle School.

Fagerhult Company based in Shanghai is a Swedish manufacturer of lighting equipment. Its Suzhou plant was officially opened in November 2004 at SIP Gangtian Industrial Zone with an investment of 300 USD. The "Fagerhult Bright Future Scholarship" is designed to aid the needy students of SIP to complete their study, and the name of the scholarship give the connotation of the bright prospect of Fagerhult Company and the bright future of the students.

The assistance plan is coordinated by SIP Bureau of social Undertakings and implemented by SIP Bureau of Education. At the start-up ceremony, the representative of Fagerhult, Mr. Mats Johansson, signed the assistance agreement with Gu Fang, Deputy Director of SIP Bureau of Social Undertakings and Zhou Feng, Deputy Director of SIP Bureau of Education.

What makes the scholarship different is the agreement provision that Fagerhult Scholarship is a long-term and dynamic process. In the years to come, the company will put in 50,000 yuan RMB annually to aid 20 needy students, and in the meantime, the Fagerhult Company will organized the aided students for get-togethers and tours to acquaint them with the folk customs of Sweden and basic facts about the company.

Mr. Mats Johansson and other Swedish friends visited the school campus under accompany of Gu Fang and Zhou Feng.

Mar. 22, 2006

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