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Microsoft and Suzhou Software Center Jointly Launch New Products

Software engineers swarmed at SIP International Technology Park on the afternoon of March 9 to attend the presentation meeting on new products, organized jointly by Microsoft and Suzhou Software Evaluation and Test Center. Among the new products were SQL, Server 2005, Visual Studio 2005, and BizTalk Server 2006, etc. On the spot all handouts were all distributed to the first comers.

The central meeting hall at the Int'l Tech Park was virtually packed with more than 500 programmers and software engineers, which took the organizer by surprise.


Wang Xiaochun, Platform Service Dept. Supervisor of Suzhou Software Evaluation and Test Center, one the sponsors of the event, explained that its was most significant for Microsoft, the giant of software industry, to select Suzhou for the site of the release of new products. Microsoft products have wide application and compatibility, and once the IT professionals grasp the software development platform, their personal competitiveness will be greatly enhanced. That explains the unexpected enthusiasm of the audience that day.

Dai Hua, GM of Suzhou software Evaluation and Test Center Co., Ltd., stressed that the release meeting of new Microsoft products was not only a commercial campaign, but more importantly, a measure to build up a superior environment of software service in Suzhou through cooperation between the Int'l Technology Park with global prestigious manufacturers and developers.


The selection of Suzhou for holding such a presentation and product release is also a reflection of the determination on the part of Microsoft to win over the market in the IT-developed Suzhou region. Back in December 2005, Microsoft and Suzhou software Park formed strategic partnership by establishing a allied laboratory. In the opinion of Nigel Burton, GM of Microsoft China Development and Cooperation Department |(DPE), Suzhou is a new emerging region for China's software industry with solid foundation in basic education, enterprise environment, and support of government policies. It is reported that on March 23 and 24, Microsoft will organize an in-depth training on the of newly released technology for senior professional from enterprises, at which Workshop will also give an advanced seminar on Windows Vista.

Mar. 16, 2006

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