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Optical Electronic Industry Leaps Forward in Loufeng Township

Suzhou Chiyoda Optotronic Co., Ltd., a high-tech enterprise in optical electronic industry invested by the Japanese Kyokuyo Pulp & Paper Corporation and the Taiwanese-owned Hon Chuan International, held official opening ceremony on March 10 in Loufeng Township. The newly opened company is a manufacturer of optical modules and components for LCD panels, which support the TFT-LCD industry in SIP. One of the shareholders, Kyokuyo Pulp & Paper Corporation, has a history of 60 years in the production of pulp, synthetic resin, and packaging materials. The Taiwanese shareholder, Hon Chuan International, has over 30 years' experience in packaging industry, and is the largest producer of packaging materials in Taiwan. The two shareholders joined hands in building the new plant in Loufeng and switched to manufacturing hi-tech optical electronic products, which is a great boost to the growing optical electronic industry in the Township.

In recent years, Loufeng Township has grasped the opportunity of rapid growth of optical electronic industry in SIP, and pursued a principle of "backing up SIP while bring prosperity to the township" with renewed efforts to build up first-rate optical electronic industry in China. Prior to Chiyoda Company, the township had successfully introduced into the township a group of hi-tech optical electronic enterprises, such as Coretronic, DS Optronic, Dataimage, Suzhou Intelligent Electronics, and TOVA Electronics, etc.

Mar. 13, 2006

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