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German Friends Visit SIP Bo Ai School

The Red Cross delegation of Brandenburg City, Germany, led by Chairman Robby Wallis, visited Bo Ai School of SIP Red Cross, accompanied by Hao Ruyi, Vice-chairman of Suzhou Red Cross on the afternoon of March 1.

Friends of the German delegation showed keen interest in the recuperation education facilities and the whole course of treatment and classroom instructions given by doctors, recuperation trainers, and special education teachers. Then, they had communication with the children. As the delegation was told, Bo Ai School is a non-profit special education and recuperation medical welfare institution that serves handicapped children. In the eight years since its founding, the school has pursued the principle of free education and assisted 210 handicapped children from Suzhou, other parts of China, Taiwan, Australia, Indonesia, Malaysia, and Japan, etc. The spirit of dedication of the school faculty moved the German friends deeply, and Mr. Robby Wallis gave very high appraisal to the work of the school, saying, "The recuperation and education at Bo Ai School are indeed adequate. The children here are so happy!"

The visit of the delegation ended with a lively get-together with the children, and reached a climax amidst singing and dancing.

Mar. 8, 2006

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