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CAS, Jiangsu, and Suzhou Jointly to Conduct Nanometer Research 

As was reported from the discussion between China Academy of Sciences and Suzhou on all-round cooperation on March 8 in Beijing, the three sides of CAS, Jiangsu Province, and Suzhou have started cooperation preparations for the establishment of CAS Suzhou Nanometer Technology Research Institute.
Representatives of the three sides held consultations and exchange in earnest as to speeding up the building of the research institute. The nanometer technology, says Lu Yongxiang, President and Party Secretary of CAS, has opened up a field of research of global influence following IT engineering and bio-pharmaceutical industry. He said that the three sides had chosen the right place at the right time to set up the research institute, which is the result of integrating national strategy with regional industrial growth, as well as useful exploration of cooperation between CAS and local regions.
Wang Rong, Member of Standing Committee of CPC Provincial Committee and Secretary of CPC Suzhou Municipal Committee, said: "It is an important task for Suzhou to speed up self-reliant innovation capability during the 11th 5-year plan. The cooperation among CAS, the province, and Suzhou will surely push forward the technological innovation and raise the level of industrial development in Suzhou. With the support of the provincial Party committee and government, Suzhou will go all out to guarantee the success of the project."
The extensive cooperation between CAS and Suzhou has so far yielded 234 projects. The current cooperation in nanometer technology research institute will be carried out in SIP, and it is anticipated that through 15 years' efforts, a research institute will be built with "first-class results, economic return, management, and talent".

Mar. 9, 2006

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