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New Time (Suzhou) Co. Moved into Genway Mansion

On the morning of March 3, New Time Electronic Co., Ltd., well-known Taiwan electronic enterprise and one of the top 500 in China, signed an agreement with Genway Group on the purchase of a whole floor of over 3,000 square meters in Genway Mansion, deluxe office building in the east-of-lake area. The purchased premises will be the HQ of New Time Electronic Company in China. The act is a further proof of the confidence of many enterprises in the bright prospect of economic development in the area east of Jinji Lake.
New Time (Suzhou) Co., Ltd., invested by New Time (HK) Co., is an information service provider and investor in the field of technology, economy, and environmental protection. New Time Electronic Co., Ltd., another enterprise invested by New Time (HK) Co. set up in Shenzhen in 1992, is a professional manufacturer of printed circuits with authentication in many special technologies, and has been listed as one of the top 100 in China for many consecutive years. Inspired by the bright prospect of SIP and the strength of Genway Group, the company has decided to move its operation HQ to the Genway Mansion in the east-of-lake area.
Genway Mansion, developed by Genway Group, is currently the most deluxe and intelligent office building on the east of Jinji Lake. The building was designed by the American Lohan Architecture Firm and completed in 2005 for marketing. So far enterprises that have moved into the building include Toshiba Electronics, Bank of China, Pacific Insurance, French CMA CGM Shipping, American SIM System, Orient Jiada Shipping, LG Chemicals, and well-known domestic enterprise.
The entry of New Time Co. signifies the fact that electronic industry of Suzhou has grown into maturity, and hi-tech industries are becoming the main areas for attracting foreign investment.

Mar, 9, 2006

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