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400 Foreign Babies Born in Suzhou Annually

As was reported from Municipal Hospital and No,1 Affiliated Hospital of Soochow University, an ever-increasing number of foreign babies have been born in Suzhou. Last year, nearly 400 foreign babies were delivered in Suzhou. The advantageous price and services in Suzhou hostipals have attracted expatriate mothers-to-be from Shanghai, Nanjing, and Zhejiang Province to deliver their babies in Suzhou.
Maternity Health Center of Municipal Hospital is the gathering place for new born foreign babies. According to Jiang Chuang, Head of Gynecology and Obstetric Department, over 300 babies were delivered here last year, mostly from Korea, Japan, Malaysia, Philipines, and other southeastern Asian countries. Some came from Germany, USA, Canada, and other European countries.
Price is the main consideration for expatriate mothers. At Municipal Hospital, the family ward is charged for A, B, and C classes, and normal delivery at Class A ward cost 12,000 RMB for four days, Class B costs 10,000 RMB, and Class C only 8,000 RMB. In case of ** delivery, additional two days of hospitalization costs only 5,000 RMB. But in the same standard ward in Shanghai, the cost is 60,000 RMB, more than three times over the cost in Suzhou.
Another advantage for Suzhou hospitals is the special pre-natal check-ups and related service. At special outpatient department, the gestation check-up is completed in one consulting room with perfect privacy, conducted by expert doctors and under special of nurses, and only an extra 100 RMB is charged. This is attractive to most of the expatriate mothers-to-be, who demand good medical environment.

March. 7, 2006

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