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Municipal Leader Meets Guests from Israel

Tan Ying, Deputy Mayor of Suzhou, met Eliav Benjamin, Deputy Consul-general of Israel in Shanghai and his entourage at SIP Int'l Technology Park on the afternoon of Feb. 28, and attended the closing ceremony of MASHAV (International Cooperation Center of Israeli Foreign Ministry) training class, jointly organized by the two sides on the program of technological innovation and incubation. 

Tan Ying gave the guests an outlined introduction of the social and economic development of Suzhou, saying that Suzhou is a city of historical and cultural renown with a history of 2,500 years, as well as a new emerging city of technology. In the recent years, Suzhou has persisted in the strategy of "developing the city through technological advancement and education", and restructuring industries to transform the mode of economic growth. She said that the experience of Israel in technological innovations was worth learning, and hoped that the two sides would enhance and broaden cooperation and exchanges.
The Israeli Deputy Consul General expressed that the excellent investment climate in Suzhou offered good opportunity for Israeli enterprises, and the government of Israel encouraged more enterprises to invest in Suzhou. The joinly-run training program provided a platform for mutual learning and exchange. He hoped that the two sides would carry on such cooperation in broader scope in the future.

March 1, 2006

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