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The Fifth City Bus Company Opens in SIP

SIP Public Transport Company, inaugurated on Feb. 28, joined the other four bus companies of Suzhou in providing transport service to the citizens of Suzhou. 

Invested jointly by SIP Genway Auto Development Co., Ltd. and Suzhou Municipal Bus Co., Ltd., is doubly backed up by the rich human resources of the city bus company and the financial strength of Genway Group. At the very outset, SIP Public Transport Co. has already been running 10 bus routes with a total distance of 262 kilometers and terminals at Fengyi Industrial Zone, Xinghu, Lakeside Garden, and Jinliang, etc. The total annual distance covered by the company is 10 million kilometers. 

The newly established SIP Public Transport Co. will act as the main provider of public transport for SIP residents for their work and shopping. A transport network is being planned with SIP Administrative Center as the center. Diversity and speed will be main considerations in serving the working residents and shopping customers, for whose convenience special coaches at designated routes will be available at rush hours and on weekends, and new routes will be opened up. By the end of 2008, the scale of the company will be doubled and routes be added up to 20 with total distance of over 500 kilometers.
Since the launching of deluxe No.89 bus by Xiangcheng Public Transport Co. in 2002, the competition among bus companies have become more intense. The participation of the fifth company in the competition will be a catalyst in improving service quality amidst competition and benefit the citizens.

Feb. 28, 2006

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