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SIP-AEFI Holds 2nd Council Meeting in 2006

The 2nd council meeting of SIP Association of Enterprises with Foreign Investment was convened on the afternoon of Feb. 23, at which the retired Chairman Chen Ming passed on the post to Zhou Xun, former Vice-chairman of Sipac. Present at the meeting were Li Yinong, Vice-chairman of Sipac, Vice-chairmen of the association Michael Barbalas, P.C. Loh, and the leaders of 20-odd enterprises of directors.

In the conference room of the newly completed Modern Building, Zhang Yishi, Secretary General of the association, reported to those at the meeting the proposal for Mr. Chen's retirement and the succession of the post by Mr. Zhou Xun. Zhou, born in 1945, graduated from Wireless Engineering Department of Shanghai Jiaotong University in 1967, and became a civil servant in 1984, taking the posts of Deputy Governor of Jinchang District of Suzhou, Vice Director of Suzhou Municipal Planning Commission, Director of Municipal Industrial Bureau, and Vice-mayor of Huaiyin City, etc. As one of the pioneering founders of SIP, Mr. Zhou was Vice-chairman of Preparatory Committee of Sipac in 1993, Vice-chairman of CSSD, Vice-president, and afterwards Vice-chairman of Sipac and Vice-chairman of Suzhou Municipal Tourism Committee.
The council passed the resolution to appoint Mr. Zhou the new chairman of the association. Vice-chairmen Barbalas and P.C. Loh expressed thanks for the hard work of ex-chairman Chen Ming in the past 8 years since the founding of the association, and support for the work of the newly elected chairman.
The ex-chairman Chen Ming expressed thanks for the support of his work in the past years, and the belief that the association, led by the new chairman, will perform its role even better under the leadership of Sipac in displaying the function of bridge and bond between the members and the SIP government.
Vice-chairman of Sipac Li Yinong witnessed the transfer of the leading post of the association, and commented that Mr. Chen Ming had made important contributions to the development of the association. He also expressed thanks for the support for Sipac by the directors of the association, and hoped the association will organized richer and more significant activities in the future. 

Prior to the meeting, the representatives from directing enterprises visited the "SIP one-stop service center" in the Industry and Commerce Building at the Administrative Center east of Jinji Lake. Sun Jingxia, Vice-director of SIP Economic and Trade Development Bureau and Director of the Center, gave a briefing on the functions and operation mechanism of the new one-stop service center, and led the guest on a round of the office area of the center.

Feb. 28, 2006

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