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Kubota to build New Base Plant in Suzhou

Kubota's new base plant will be completed in coming November with 500 employees.

Kubota Agro-machinery announced the latest plan to build a base with a new plant on Feb. 21 to reinforce its capability of production, sales, and services in China.

Kubota is the largest agro-machinery manufacturer in Japan with a history of 113 years. The Kubota Company in SIP is an agro-machinery manufacturer engaged in comprehensive work of development, production, sales, and services. It started production as early as 1998 in leased standard workshops in SIP, and has been supplying  products of high quality and capability to the market to meet the requirements of customers. Its products have been listed by Ministry of Agriculture and National Quality Supervision and Quarantine Bureau as "recommended products" in conformity with quality tracing. In 2004, the "half-feeding combines" manufactured by Kubota took up 60% market shares in China, and in 2005, the output and sales increased by 2.2 times (2,800/year).

The new base plant of Kubota will accelerate R&D and supply of new products.

The new base plant of Kubota will be built in Zone 3 of SIP to meet the growing demands of the market. The investment will amount to 2 billion Japanese yan, and the land area of the base will be 130,000 square meters. Phase One will include 33,000 square meters' workshops for annual manufacturing capacity of 8,500 feed-type combines. Also built at the base will be experimental nurseries and demonstration rooms to supplement with R&D, production, sales, and services of new types of agro-machinery.

Feb. 23, 2006

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