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A Million RMB Awarded to Lu Ban Prize Winner

'According to SIP planning and construction department, the construction of the eastern new city is gathering momentum, characterized by three transformations: from regional urbanization to overall spread of a new city, from infrastructure and functional development to uplifting of urban functions, and from separate areas to whole belts.

Suzhou No.1 Construction Corporation, the general contractor of Suzhou Modern Logistics Building and winner of Lu Ban Prize, the highest prized for construction enterprises in China, was awarded a million yuan RMB. In the light of the master plan of Suzhou urban development, the future central city of Suzhou will consist of "Suzhou city proper" and "Suzhou new city". The priority of urban development will be the eastern new city, undertaken by SIP as top priority in planning and construction. 

The eastern new city, planned in an area of 288 square kilometers with 1.1 million residents, will be guided by requirements in production, livelihood, and ecological balance. Elevation styles, outer wall colors, roof structures, lighting, greening of residential areas, and commercial arcades will follow the planning guidelines.

Special attention will be paid to the protection and utilization of the unique natural ecological features, historical and cultural resources, while Chinese and Western cultural and art styles will be in harmony. Pre-consideration will be given to public amenities, technology, culture, public health, and sports facilities. In the next three years, SIP development and construction will be centered round the five belts of around-Jinji-Lake commerce, Dushu Lake Higher Education PLR region, Yangcheng Lake Leisure and Tourism, the East-of-lake real estate and major infrastructure. 

Feb. 20, 2006

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