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New Eastern City Rises Over 5 Regions

The development and construction of SIP will focus chiefly on "5 regions" in the next 3 years, along with "10 major projects". A new goal was set at the recent SIP conference on summary of planning and construction in 2005. Wang Jinhua, Deputy Secretary of CPC Suzhou Municipal Committee and Secretary of SIP Party Working Committee, attended the conference and delivered a speech.

The year 2005 witnessed the heaviest investment in SIP development and more major projects than any previous years. SIP completed fixed assets investment of 35.7 billion yuan RMB, which increased 26.7% as compared with the year before. Both the total amount and growth rate ranked the first in the whole municipality. Advanced collectives and individuals were cited for excellent quality in designing and construction. Altogether 7 construction projects won national and provincial awards. The Modern Logistics Building, in particular, won the highest prize for construction enterprise, the Lu Ban Award.

This year, a focus of construction will be the eastern new city and urban CBD, and the fixed asset investment is expected to run beyond 40 billion RMB.

In the next three years, the "5 regions" and "10 major projects" will be the focuses of development and construction in SIP. The "5 regions" refer to the round-Jinji-Lake commercial region, Dushu Lake higher education PLR (production, learning and research) zone, Yangcheng Lake leisure and tourism region, and the east-of-lake real estate and major infrastructure construction region. The "10 major projects", which cover the aspects of infrastructure, ground facilities, commercial facilities, hotels, and real estate, refer to the cluster of commercial setups at cultural waterside corridor and pedestrian's street, shopping street at Yangcheng Lake international leisure and tourism zone, commercial belt around the Jinji Lake, the commercial belt at Dushu Lake higher education zone, U-shaped cluster of business plaza at cultural water corridor, comprehensive commercial facilities at New East Plaza of SIP Logistics Park, Wal Mart Suzhou business center, Xietang shopping street at east Loufeng Township, commercial belt at Qingjian Lake of Weiting Township, and Huayuan business plaza at Shengpu Township. These projects, which are key factors in the doubling plan for SIP service industries, will boost the market and create further prosperity of businesses in SIP.

Feb. 19, 2006

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