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Nikko Woojin Precision Manufacturing Co. Goes into Operation

Nikko Woojin Precision Manufacturing (Suzhou) Co., Ltd. of Japan was officially put into operation on Feb. 15. The Chairman of the company and Ma Minglong, Director of Sipac, and other guests of honor attended the opening ceremony on the day.

Nikko Woojin Precision Manufacturing (Suzhou) Co., Ltd. is located in Weiting Township. Invested by the Japanese ** Group Corporation, one of the top 500 global enterprises, with an amount of 75 million USD, the company is engaged in the manufacturing and sales of electronic components and related metal materials, chiefly applied in stainless steel parts of CRT, IT, and automotive springs. The company has set up two plants, one doing precision pressing and the other precision rolling.

The Sipac leader said at the opening ceremony that good relations of cooperation had always existed between SIP and Japanese enterprises, and that the opening of the pressing plant marked an important step in the growth of Nikko Woojin Group in SIP. So far, there have been over 260 Japanese-invested enterprises in SIP.

Suzhou is one of the regions in China, where global multinational corporations have invested the densest clusters of enterprises. In SIP, in particular, the regional economy has been growing at the average rate of 45% in the past ten years, and the accumulated amount of foreign investment has exceeded 23 billion USD, and the paid-up investment has gone beyond 10 billion USD. The world-class investment climate has yielded clusters of new and hi-tech industries. The advantageous policies and pro-business services have created favorable conditions for the growth of Nikko Woojin Group in SIP.

Feb. 15, 2006

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