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SIP Neighborhood Centers Become National Model of Community Commerce

SIP Neighborhood centers were put on the list of the first national models of community commerce by Ministry of Commerce on Jan. 25.


The examination and evaluation activity was first staged in July 2005 by Ministry of Commerce among 166 large and medium-sized cities of China, with the aim to promote the growth of community commerce and to meet the diversified, multi-level consumption demands of citizens.

On Jan. 6, Ministry of Commerce convened a national meeting of examination and evaluation on community commerce in Beijing, guided by standard and demonstration requirements in the 8 major functions of shopping, catering, household service, etc., specified in the "standards of national models of community commerce". A final screening of 77 candidate communities was carried out through evaluation. Wang Xiaochuan, Deputy Director of Reform Department of the ministry, said that Ministry of Commerce deemed it a major task to promote the community commerce, as well as an important part of the effort to push forward the commodity circulation in the years to come. He emphasized that the current evaluation should be primarily based on the degree of satisfaction on the part of the community residents instead of the amenity quality of the community, and the purpose of the evaluation was to set up exemplary and demonstration roles for other communities. On the evaluation committee were 15 experts from Development Research Center of the State Council, Qinghua University, and Construction and Management Federation for Chinese Urban Commercial Networks, etc.

Feb. 14, 2006

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