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Suzhou Int'l Tourism Festival to Unfold in April

According to sources of Municipal Tourism Bureau, Suzhou International Tourism Festival will be unveiled on April 21 on the eastern shore of Jinji Lake, SIP. Gala celebrations of Kite flying, pearling on the lake, and gourmet's activities will be part of the festival highlights. A giant kite of over 100 meters in length, the "Suzhou dragon", and erotic junks, and folk singing and dancing will surely attract the attention of all audience.

The revue for the international tourism festival this year will be shifted to Jinji Lake for the reason that domestic and overseas visitors will better fell the charm of leisure activities at the scenic Jinji Lake. The pageant of colorful boats, which have aroused popular interest in the previous festivals, will appear at the opening ceremony o the evening of April 21, and at the same time, over 100 boats from a dozen countries of the five continents will join the pageant to display the various folklore and song and dance of different lands.

On April 22, the first Suzhou Kite Festival will be opened, at which kite associations from Hong Kong, Indonesia, and Singapore, as well as International Kite Federation and China Kite Association, will participate the kite competition. Also in the exchange of kite flying art will be organizations from Weifang, Beijing, Tianjin, and other Chinese cities. The 100-meter-long gigantic "Suzhou dragon", which will be the focus of attention at the event, will be sold at auction after the performance.

During the forthcoming international tourism festival, a competition of rice cakes will be organized, at which 300 kinds of cakes are anticipated, and the citizens will choose their favorite to the heart's content. From May 1 to 7, thrilling diving performances will be given. At Weitang Township of Xiangcheng District, pearling festival will be simultaneously held, and the visitors and citizens will have the chance to appreciate the most valuable pearls and jewelry, and attend the international auctions of pearls and jewelry.

Feb. 10, 2006

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