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SIP Int'l Tech Park: Internet Games with 100 Million RMB Earnings

Network games nowadays are increasingly become entertainment for Internet surfers. A network game industry is emerging from scratch in Suzhou. In the technology park of SIP alone, there is a cluster of 19 cartoon enterprises, which earned an avenue of 450 million yuan RMB last year.

The cartoon industry has become a "gold mine" for many investors, with smooth growth and unexpected successes. Shenyou Technology, for example, had 200 million annual turnover, and became the most influential producer of video games and portable games in China. "Navigation Century", an Internet game produced last year, was considered a masterpiece of Snail Electronics and won the highest award, "the Best Creation of Internet Games", and "the Best National Network Grand Prix". The cartoon film "Red Child Battling at Flaming Mountain" won the “Excellent Cartoon Film” award at China Huabiao Film competition.

Reports say that Suzhou is attempting to introduce more cartoon and game enterprises to make the number of enterprises 40 in all, and to achieve an annual avenue of 1,000 million RMB. It is expected that 3 to 5 such large-scale enterprises will each turn out an avenue of 100 million a year.

Feb. 9, 2006

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