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11,000 Jobs Identified through HR Agency in SIP

According to sources from SIP Human Resource Co., Ltd., 144 more foreign-invested enterprises signed agency agreement on personnel and labor recruitment with the HR Development Company last year, making the total 722 enterprises. With 581 domestic enterprises added, SIP Human Resource Co., Ltd. is now acting as agent for 1,303 enterprises, representing 11,130 employees.The demand for more developed service industries in SIP in 2005 has a direct bearing on the result of marketing for foreign investment. It can be seen that of the newly signed agreements in 2005, 47 belonged to enterprises in the service sector, comprising 32.6%, whereas there were only 24 service enterprises, or 17.9%, in 2004. But on the whole, manufacturing enterprises till occupy the larger proportion, and electronic and machinery continue to be the leading industries in SIP.

Statistics show that in 2005, the top-ranking enterprises recruiting personnel and labor through the agency are: 30 American enterprises, 20 Japanese enterprises, 15 Singaporean enterprises, 12 Taiwanese enterprises, and 11 German enterprises. In 2004, the rating was as follows: 25 Singaporean enterprises, 23 Japanese enterprises, 16 American enterprises, 13 joint ventures, and 11 Taiwanese enterprises. On account that German-invested enterprises showed a head-on growth from 2004 to 2005, the European and American enterprises took more shares in the newly signed personnel and labor agency agreements, and the momentum of investment from Southeast Asia was comparatively weakened.

Feb. 9, 2006

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