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Female Employees Outnumber the Males in SIP

According to sources from SIP Human Resource Development Co., Ltd., the total number of employees in the China-Singapore Cooperation Zone of SIP was 179,546 by the end of 2005, with a net increase of 59,320 as compared with the end of 2004. The average age of employees in the cooperation zone is 25, and the proportion of male and female reached 1:1.213. In the cooperation zone, there are 29,436 employees in the modern service industries, which stands for an increase of 73.88%, or 16,963 people, in comparison with February last year.

In review of the numbers of employees in the previous three years, it is found that SIP has apparently become a paradise for women employees. From 2003 to 2005, the number of employees increased from 70,695 to 179,546, and those with university education were doubled during this period. A marked fact is that female employees are growing in big margins. Out of the increased 108,851 employees from 2003 to 2005, women outnumbered the males by 23,000.

The change of proportion between men and women started in Jan. 2004, and showed rapid growth in the number of women employees. An explanation offered for the change is that more and more foreign-invested enterprises tend to recruit women operators, who are more careful and patient in the increase level of precision in production. Another reason for the increase proportion of women employees is that faster growth is seen in the service sector than the secondary industries in SIP.

Feb. 6, 2006

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