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Best Wishes from a Leukemia Patient for the New Year

Mr. Pan, an ordinary citizen in Suzhou, phoned "Suzhou Evening Daily" on the morning of Jan. 26, requesting the paper to convey her best wishes for a happy and healthy New Year to all the good-heated people who had offered her generous help.

Two years ago, Mr. Pan was diagnosed to be a leukemia patient. Although she received transplant of bone marrow and her case was basically stabilized for recovery, she all savings were spent up and the family found it hard to make ends meet. But with the attention from the society, she tided over the hard times. The family not only received donations from Sanyuwugan Company in Pingjiang District, where her husband worked, but also the family was given the subsidies for special needy families, and workers’ unions from the city and the district allocated financial aid to her home.  

What moved Mr. Pan even more is the thing that happened not long ago. Because of her financial difficulties, she decided to have a try by phoning the customer service of SIP Gang Hua Gas Company, hoping for some kind of preferential care in gas supply. Out of her expectation, the gas company not only promised to supply gas to her home free of charge on long-term basis, but organized donation among the company staff, and sent the donated money to her home. "I have been most fortunate to get help from good people during my illness, and now, more kind-heated people, to whom I’m simply a stranger, are lending helping hands to me. I’m really touched by their act of generosity." The lady asked the Evening Daily to convey her sincere thanks to all the good people who had shown such loving care for her family.

Jan. 27, 2006

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