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Renheng Property Makes Donations to Needy Students and Home for Aged

"A call from the heart, a contribution out of love... Should everyone contributes the share of love, it will be a better world to live in."

On the morning of Jan. 25, a contribution ceremony was held in the conference room of SIP No.7 Middle School. Warm applause burst out as 10 students, cited for good performance both academically and in moral ethics, each received 1,000 yuan RMB contribution fund for study from Xu Jian’an, General Manager of Suzhou Renheng Property Co., Ltd., followed by the song "The World Full of Love" that echoed in every heart.

Suzhou Renheng Property Co., Ltd., a fast-growing enterprise in SIP, has previously organized such donations in Shanghai and Suzhou. In addition to the contribution to the ten students, the company also donated 10,000 RMB to the Home for the Aged in the East District of Weiting Township.

Present at the donation ceremony were: General Manager Xu Jian'an of Renheng Property, Gu Fang and Shen Hongzhuan of SIP Bureau of Social Development, Han Xiaoying and Yin Rongguan of SIP Bureau of Education, and leaders of SIP No.7 Middle School.

Jan. 26, 2006

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