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Suzhou Logistics Center Rises to 4A Grade

China Logistics and Procurement Federation recently announced the list of the second batch of 32 Grade-A logistics enterprises. Suzhou Logistics Center is the only one from Jiangsu Province to go on the list as a 4A Grade, the highest grade, of logistics enterprise. The 4A Grade represents the advanced level of modern logistics in management system, working concept, and operation modes.

The latest listing of Grade-A logistics enterprises was based on all-round, systematic, and objective evaluation of the comprehensive service capabilities of logistics enterprises on a national scale. The nominee enterprises had to go through the standard procedure of application, self-assessment, evaluation, on-spot inspection, and approval of evaluation report, etc. Those to go on the list were finalized by an evaluation committee formed with experts. The whole procedure is under the public supervision of all logistics enterprises, and open to complaints and criticisms in the principle of “fairness and openness”. All of the 32 Grade-A enterprises showed clear superiority in performance, managerial efficiency, and the utilization of advanced technology, which are the basic characteristics of modern logistics enterprises.

In the competition for market shares, Suzhou Logistics Center has made conscientious efforts in improving the quality of operation, implementing fast-speed customs clearance and the policies of bonded logistics center (Type B), striving to build up a world-class logistics enterprise, expanding the coverage of operation, and winning over customers by credibility and personalized services. In 2005 alone, the center handled 65,169 bills, and 324,192 tons of freight under customs control with a total value of 9.005 billion USD. Over 20 logistics enterprises are now based in the center, including the UPS, the third largest logistics enterprise in the world, and Japanese Express and Kintetsu, the first and the second largest in Japan. Its business scope has reached the regions of Wuxi, Nanjing, Jiaxing, Qingdao, and Beijing. More than 500 manufacturing enterprises from over 18 provinces and municipalities are carrying out logistic operation through the center.

Jan. 24, 2006

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