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SIP Wins Lu Ban Award for First Time

The recent Lu Ban Award, the highest prize for construction engineering quality in China, was conferred to Suzhou No.1 Construction Corporation for the project of Suzhou Modern Logistics Building, of which the corporation is the general contractor.

The construction project, initially planned by architect Jeff Wark of JPW Firm of Australia and designed by SIP Designing Institute, measures 24,073 square meter in area in 20 stories plus a basement, with 6-story wings and construction height of 80.2 meters and width of 47 meters. The building features meticulous attention to energy-effective, environment-friendly, and intelligent facilities, shown in the glass curtain wall and rational layout of and configuration of interior systems. The construction corporation made full utilization of new technologies in the course of construction to produce the first-class quality. The building, being now used for multi-purpose of offices, customs clearance, inspection, and quarantine, is shaped like an ocean liner bearing the symbol of logistics, the container, in interactive colors of blue, red, and white to give the connotation of sailing at sea. The project has become a landmark building in SIP.

    Jan. 20, 2006


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