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First visit to Kowloon Hospital by Representatives of Foreign-invested Interprises

SIP Bureau of Social Development and SIP Association of Enterprises with Foreign Investment organized 80-odd senior managers and their families from foreign-invested enterprises in SIP on a visit to Kowloon Hospital on Jan. 14 to gain first-hand information on the first modern comprehensive hospital in SIP.

Meng Chuixiang, President of Kowloon Hospital, gave the visitors a rundown of the construction and background of the hospital, its medical facilities, service modes, and operation concept. The hospital is aimed at the status of Grade A of Class III hospital with all outpatient departments and advanced diagnostic and treatment equipment.

The representatives of the foreign-invested enterprises was then guided on a round of the main departments and facilities of the hospital, such as the most advanced medical equipment 64-layer CT, 32-channel NMR, and PET-CT, etc. The visitors were also impressed by the attention paid on the comfort of patients. One-stop service was provided for registration and payment, and all the departments are linked up by long corridors. The wards are all designed according to guestrooms of star hotels.

The visiting representatives made detailed inquiries on the consulting and treatment procedures, the insurance coverage, ways of contact, and VIP services. The hospital has specially recruited medical staff who can speak English, French, Japanese, and Korean to help with communicate with the patients. Special treatment and personalized health management services are also provided at the hospital.

The on-spot survey of the hospital gave the representatives and their families a clear idea of the hospital. The leaders of the hospital expressed that the suggestions and comment by the visitors will be fully taken into consideration to improve the level of medical service.

Jan. 18, 2006

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