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Tourism Takes Off in SIP

Effect drawing of the entrance of Baitang Park

The establishment of Genway Travel Agency on Jan. 16 marks the official start of the onslaught of SIP Genway Group into tourism. In the meantime, tourist projects of Baitang Botanical Ecological Park, the 5-star CEO East Lake International Club, and pleasure boats on three lakes have got under way. Added with Genway International Hotel already in operation and 6 hotels under construction, Genway Group is building up a modern tourist chain from hotels and travel agency to scenic spots of tourist attraction.   

2005 is a prosperous year for Genway Group in comprehensive development of projects in real estate, exhibitions, hotels, property management, fitness gyms, auto industry, and tourism, with a total area of 388,300 square meters. Encouraged by the rapid growth of service industry in SIP, Genway Group begin to focus attention on comprehensive development of tourist products and sightseeing, based on its commercial and public amenity projects and with the tourism development on Jinji, Yangcheng, and Dushu Lakes as the core.   

Considering the orientation of products and characteristics of the market, Genway Group gives priority to modern tourism. The newly established Genway Travel Agency designed customized tour items for white-collar guests, along with modern tour items like launches lake tours and ecological tours. Deluxe yachts and ordinary pleasure boats are introduced to cater for both club members and common tourists. A double-decked deluxe pleasure boats have been ordered, and a total of 47 boats are already in place for service on Jinji Lake, the 3-lake routes and the round-the-city tours. The CEO Club, located at Jinji Lake Plaza east of the lake, will be the first top-notch professional club in Suzhou, where high-brow coffee room, authentic Japanese restaurant, red wine bar, cigar bar, fitness gym, etc. add up to over 10,000 square meters for social intercourses and leisure activities of the metropolitan residents.    

Construction is going on smoothly at Baitang Botanical Ecological Park, located at Baitang Lake, with an area of 60.5 hectares (47.3 hectares of land and 13.2 hectares of water), as one of the three major city-level parks, the other two being Lakeshore Park at Jinji Lake and Dongsha Lake Park. Baitang Park, an investment of 350 million RMB, is a cultural park that takes plants as its theme, and the natural terrains are ingeniously taken into the overall plan to give the best ecological effect. The park consists of a floral zone (with varieties of famous flowers across the world), a wetland botanical area, a floral culture demonstration zone, an exotic scenic zone, and a leisure activity zone. All the plant are being grouped to produce the effect of “artificial forests”.   

Reportedly, the projects of Jinji Lake boating and Baitang Park tours will be launched at the tourist market during Suzhou International Tourism Festival in April.

Jan. 17, 2006

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