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SIP-AEFI Holds Council Meeting

A council meeting was convened on the afternoon of Jan. 12 at the library of Dushu Lake Higher Education Park, SIP, by SIP Association of Enterprises with Foreign Investment, attended by directors from over 40 member units. Ma Minglong, Deputy Secretary of SIP Party Working Committee and Director of Sipac, Chairman Chen Ming, and Vice-chairmen ** and ** attended the meeting.

Zhang Yishi, Secretary General of the association, delivered a report on the work of the association in 2005 to the meeting. The attendants to the meeting also discussed the work plan of the association for the year 2006, which outlined the 17 items of activities, including information release, service recommendations, exchange of experience, and GM Salon, and membership friendship parties, etc.

Due to the departure of post by Mr. Paul of AU Optronics, the former Vice-chairman of the association, the council agreed to the succession to the post of vice-chairman by the new GM of AU Optronics, Mr. Fred. The proposal of Samsung enterprises in SIP was accepted to appoint Mr. Yoon Chang Xyun, GM of Suzhou Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd., vice-chairman of the association to replace his predecessor from Samsung. 

To broaden the representation of the leadership of the association, two more vice-chairmen were elected: Mr. P.C. Loh, Vice-president and GM of Spansion (China) Co., Ltd., and Mr. Masanori Kogano, Chairman and GM of Hitachi Metal (Suzhou) Co., Ltd., making the number of vice-chairmen 8, all from foreign-invested enterprises in SIP. The newly elected vice-chairmen expressed their thanks for the trust shown on them and pledged better roles in assisting functions of the association.

In his speech at the meeting, Director Ma Minglong reconfirmed the positive role of the association in allying the SIP enterprises and smoothing their communication with the government, and gave high appraisal to the function of the association in gathering criticisms and suggestions from enterprises and in coordinating in solving focal issues in regulation enforcement. He expressed deep sincerity on the part of Sipac to solicit criticisms and suggestions from SIP enterprises and to improve the work of the government. Ma also made special reference to the charity acts in public welfare by Spansion and other member units, and hoped for more involvement of the association in  the local administrative and public affairs.

Chairman Chen of the association expressed the hope that the member units would make continued efforts in safeguarding the legal rights of employees, devoting to public undertakings, and supporting the work of trade unions.


A group photo was taken of the attendants to the meeting, and a New Year party ensued at the Experts Building to renew friendship and for lively exchanges.

Jan. 13, 2006

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