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"Aero-accessory Manufacturing Town" Rises in East-of-lake SIP

The end of the year 2005 saw the entry of two more aero-accessory manufacturers in the Export and Processing Zone of SIP: Messier-Dowty Aviation (Suzhou) Co., Ltd. with investment of 50 million USD, and SNECMA Aviation Industry (Suzhou) Co., Ltd. with investment of 14.4 million USD. Previously gone into operation are four aviation industrial enterprises, Primus, Singapore Aerospace Industry, Smiths Aerospace, and Firthrixson. A clustering of 6 aviation accessory manufacturing enterprises has taken shape in the export and processing zone of SIP in the east of the Jinji Lake.


These enterprises are now enjoying the customized services from the General Office of Sipac. Officials of SIP customs office and commodity inspection administration had a discussion with the leaders of the enterprises in last November to tackle with the issues in consigned processing, procurement, treatment of waste, and verification of sales, etc. Solutions are given to the problems of much concern in the enterprises.

Jan. 10, 2006

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