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Diploma Co. Carries on Care for the Handicapped Children

Jan. 5, 2005, SIP Diploma Cleaning Technology Co., Ltd. held a New Year Celebration Party to reciprocate the support of customers and staff and to announce its participation in the activity of caring for the handicapped children. Following the example of Suzhou Ascendas Co., which provides free service of maintenance for Bo Ai School, Diploma Co. decided to offer free cleaning service for the school, in addition to 2,000 RMB donation.

Care goes on (Principle of Bo Ai School receives contribution certificate from Diploma Co.)


Students of Bo Ai School express gratitude for public care.

At the evening party, the children of Bo Ai School put on exciting performance to express their gratitude for the care by the whole society. They said, "We are unfortunate to be handicapped, yet we feel happy because our parents never leave us and the society takes us under loving care and gives us opportunity to grow happily like other children." The children expressed their emotion by singing a song "I love you Dad and Mummy", which moved all present.

Bo Ai School is the only civilian-run full-time welfare school and a recuperation institution for the handicapped children in SIP, set up three years ago. Persisting in the "Non-profit" principle, the school provides free education for all students, and gives preferential medical and hospitalization charges on handicapped children of poor families. The school has effectively helped 207 children to recover and grow under normal education.

Jan. 6, 2006

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