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SIP HR Market to Move East of Jinji Lake in May

Last week, SIP Bureau of Organization and Personnel and SIP Bureau of Labor and Social Security organized a "New Year discussion of personnel managers of foreign-invested enterprises" in Dushu Lake Higher Education Zone, attended by 60 enterprises in SIP, including AU Optronics, Samsung, He Jian Technology, Infinion, Solectron Technology, and Spansion Semiconductor, etc., to have exchanges on the current status quo of human resources in SIP and HR development in the New Year.

It is learned at the discussion that by the end of 2005, the total employment in SIP has reached 320,000 people, of whom 198,000 are technical staff. In every 10,000 employees, there are on average 3,500 above the education level of secondary college, and 2,000 with bachelor degrees, and 300 with master degrees. About 1,000 of the employees are returned students from overseas study, and nearly 10,000 overseas expatriates. In the China-Singapore Cooperation Zone alone, employees increased by 60,000 in the year 2005.

The goal of HR development in the New Year, according to responsible members of SIP Bureau of Organization and Personnel, is to build up a "new paradise for living and career" in an improved planning for HR development and intensified effort to introduce talents into SIP. Sipac is currently addressing the problem of relatively slow wage increase in SIP in the last three years as compared with the surrounding areas. In 2006, SIP will be the first in the country to publish HR situation index, and provide more detailed information on HR, and improve the imbalanced information exchange between the applicants and employers. It is predicted that the HR market of SIP will move to the east of Jinji Lake in May 2006. The new site is next to the Sipac building, with doubles area for recruitment exchanges.

Jan. 4, 2006

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