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A New Neighborhood Center to Locate in East-of-lake SIP

The foundation was laid in the New Year for Linglong Mansion of SIP Neighborhood Center in the east-of-lake area of SIP as part of the networking plan of SIP Neighborhood Center.

Linglong Mansion is located on the east of Linglong Street, the north of Shenxu Road, with a land area of 19,000 square meters. The planned building, an investment of 4.5 million RMB, will contain a constructed area of 17,600 square meters in two major stories and partially 6 stories. The western part of the mansion are the main function areas with a white-collar supermarket, and the eastern part is devoted to holiday inn, leisure facilities, F&B, and a fitness gym. According to SIP masterplan, there will be 17 neighborhood centers, and of the 4 centers already built and put into service, there is only Hudong Mansion, which is located in the east-of-lake area. Linglong Mansion under construction is the 6th of the chain, and its completion will provide convenient services to the 40,000 residents in Linglong Bay Garden, Zhonghai Lakeshore No.1 and other residential quarters to the east of Jinji Lake. Linglong Mansion will not only preserve the twelve basic functions of Neighborhood Center, but open up some new, personalized items of service, like the white-collar supermarket.

Linglong Mansion will open for business within this year.

Jan. 3, 2006

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