SIP Technological Development Fund Rose Beyond 100 Million RMB  12/30/2006
SIP Adopts Bidding for Construction Price Evaluation Service  12/29/2006
SIP Post-PhD Workstation Sets Up the 8th Branch  12/29/2006
Suzhou-based Yili Group to Dominate East China Dairy Market  12/28/2006
Linglong Mansion of Neighborhood Center Makes Colorful Appearance  12/28/2006
SIP Delegation Makes Survey in Wuxi  12/26/2006
Senior Minister Lee Kwan Yew Meets Luo Zhijun and Wang Rong  12/25/2006
SIP Local Taxation Hit Annual Target Ahead of Time  12/24/2006
Master Plan of Suzhou Suqian Industrial Park Approved through Experts? Evaluation  12/24/2006
Grundfos China R&D Center Enters Int'l Science Park  12/22/2006
Ligong Causeway to Open Business on Dec. 23  12/22/2006
Top-notch Compressor Manufacturer Joins SIP  12/22/2006
"Neighborhood Center" Brand Name Extends in Series  12/19/2006
SIP Shahe Substation Goes into Operation  12/19/2006
Provincial Leaders Meet Deputy Prime Minister Wong Kan Seng of Singapore  12/19/2006
1,700 SIP Enterprise Representatives Gather in Celebration of the Coming Christmas  12/18/2006
Suzhou Software Park Allied Lab Incubates the First Enterprise  12/16/2006
FMMG Technical Textiles Co. Opens Operation  12/16/2006
'07 Recruitment Fair Scheduled for Feb.10  12/16/2006
Nanotech Institute Hosts Top Academic Conference  12/15/2006
Modern Avenue - A Display of Art  12/15/2006
SMBC to Set Up SIP Branch  12/14/2006
Fortune-500 Projects in SIP Exceed 100  12/12/2006
New Features in eMEX Next Year  12/12/2006
MicroProbe Technology Opens Operation at Loufeng Township  12/11/2006
Suzhou's Software Industry Joins Hands with Carnegie Mellon University  12/11/2006
Starbucks Opens Second Coffee Room in SIP  12/09/2006
CAS Symposium on Post Graduation Education Held in Suzhou  12/09/2006
SEPG Conference to Be Held in China for the First Time  12/09/2006
Suzhou Sci-Tech Culture and Art Center: A Suzhou-style ?Bird Nest?  12/09/2006
Municipal Leader Meets Korean Guest  12/07/2006
Municipal Leader Meets Korean Guest  12/04/2006
The Neighborhood Center to Open 12 New Networks  12/03/2006
SIP Claims the Largest Rural Stock Cooperative in Suzhou  12/03/2006
SIP?s 110KV Substation Goes into Operation  12/01/2006
SIP Customs Clearance Association Organized  12/01/2006
SIP?s First Township Administrative Service Center Unveiled  12/01/2006
Swiss Chocolate Tycoon Settles Down in SIP  11/30/2006
Paid-up Foreign Investment Exceeds USD 10 Billion in Jiangsu's Economic Development Zones for This Year  11/28/2006
Standard Chartered Suzhou Branch Starts Personal Banking Service  11/28/2006
International Education Applauded in Suzhou  11/28/2006
Lindstrom Suzhou Company Opens Business  11/25/2006
SIP Post-PhD Workstation Unveiled for Nanotech Research  11/24/2006
Fortune-500 Projects in SIP Rose to 100 Plus  11/24/2006
Another Super High Building to Appear on West of Jinji Lake  11/23/2006
Nationalist Party Vice-chairman Jiang Bingkun Attends A-DATA Opening Ceremony  11/23/2006
Municipal Leader Meets Jiang Bingkun  11/23/2006
Suzhou and Suqian to Build Development Zone through Joint Efforts  11/22/2006
The First National Digital Library Laboratory Settles Down in Suzhou  11/17/2006
Suzhou Software Testing Center Certified to National Level  11/16/2006
Faradyne Motors Co. Inaugurated in SIP  11/14/2006
A Major Laboratory Added to Dushu Lake Higher Education Town  11/14/2006
Municipal Leader Meets Russian Guest  11/14/2006
Green Buildings to Grow by 10% Annual Rate in SIP  11/13/2006
Wang Rong Meets Guests from Singapore  11/13/2006
Governor Liang Baohua Meets Guests from Singapore  11/13/2006
Weiler Suzhou Co. Inaugurated  11/11/2006
South Ring Road Tunnel Construction Begins Last 100-day Dash  11/11/2006
Yan Li Meets HSBC Group Chairman  11/11/2006
SIP's experience Shared at Microsoft 2006 Risk Investment Summit  11/10/2006
SEPG China 2006 Conference to Open in Suzhou  11/09/2006
Pharmaceutical Machinery Fair: A Record-breaking Event in Suzhou  11/08/2006
Magotteaux Alloyed Material Co. Goes into Operation  11/07/2006
PGI Nonwovens Suzhou Plant Opens Business  11/07/2006
"Father of DNA" Visits SIP  11/06/2006
Projects Signed for 10 Billion RMB at North Jiangsu Investment and Trade Talks  11/04/2006
Italian Gewiss Plant Starts Operation in SIP  11/04/2006
Swedish-invested New Haldex Automotive Plant Completed for Operation  11/03/2006
Hong Kong CTS Group Invests in First Real Estate Project in Suzhou  11/03/2006
SIP Foreign-invested Enterprises Display High Profitability  11/03/2006
Wen Jiabao Meets Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong of Singapore  11/02/2006
Chinese Film Festival to Locate in Suzhou Next Year  10/31/2006
10 Development Zones Under Way in South-North Cooperation in Jiangsu  10/30/2006
Emerson Expands VR Summit Compressor Production in China  10/28/2006
The 1st China International SME Fair Opens in Suzhou  10/27/2006
Suzhou Software Testing Center Authorized for Professional Expertise Certification  10/26/2006
SIP Holds Investment Promotion Meeting in Austria  10/22/2006
Pyroban Forklift Plant Built in Weiting  10/21/2006
The Grand Opening of China Suzhou eMEX 2006  10/20/2006
Grand Opening of BlueScope Steel in SIP ? the Largest Australian Investment Project in China  10/20/2006
Loufeng Ranks the 5th in Top 1,000 Chinese Townships  10/18/2006
SIP Recruits Talents in USA and Canada  10/18/2006
The 5th eMEX to Unfold on Oct. 18  10/17/2006
N.C. Business Group Visits Suzhou  10/17/2006
Municipal Leader Meets Italian Guests  10/17/2006
China and India Cooperate to Train IMS Engineers  10/16/2006
Microsoft Senior Lauds Infrastructure of SIP Int'l Science Park  10/15/2006
SIP Neutral Water Recycling Project to Function in Mid-October  10/13/2006
17 SIP Enterprises Freed of Paper Documentation in Imp. & Exp. Inspection and Quarantine  10/13/2006
Microsoft and Suhou Software Park Jointly Host 2nd Software Summit  10/12/2006
500 Suzhou-made Kinglong Coaches Exported to Qatar  10/12/2006
Mayor Yan Li Meets Microsoft Global Vice-president  10/12/2006
A Million RMB Charity Fund Eases the Needy "Bo Ai" School  10/09/2006
PKC Auto Parts Project Starts Operation  10/09/2006
Agricultural Bank SIP Sub-branch Commended for Personalized Network Service  10/06/2006
Century Lianhua Supermarket Opens in Weiting Township  10/05/2006
Loufeng Built Apartment for the Aged  10/05/2006
500 Enterprises of Shengpu Township Gather in Festival Celebration  10/04/2006
Development Zones of East and Central China to Cooperate in Training  10/04/2006
First Foreign-invested Trading Company in SIP Opens in Loufeng  10/04/2006
Chinese and Foreign Guests Get Together at Jinji Lake to Celebrate the Moon Festival  10/04/2006
Fortune-500 Japanese Enterprises Join in SIP Automotive Industry Chain  10/04/2006
Xincheng Neighborhood Center Puts on New Look  10/04/2006
Tofco Precision Instrument Co. Opens in Loufeng  09/29/2006
Famous Nordic Fashion Settles in Loufeng Township  09/29/2006
Tofco Precision Instrument Co. Opens in Loufeng  09/29/2006
Community Soiree to Celebrate Festival  09/29/2006
Bosch Demonstrates the Latest Technology  09/28/2006
HK Menfond to Set Up Digital Animation business HQ in Suzhou  09/27/2006
Weiting Holds Moon Festival Party at Qingjian Lake  09/27/2006
1st China Vocational Education Expo to Convene in Suzhouin November  09/26/2006
Traditional Commerce Flourishes in Weiting to Meet Daily Consumption Needs  09/26/2006
Harvard-Yenching Suzhou Forum Opens  09/25/2006
SIP and Xi'an Jiaotong University Extends Cooperation  09/24/2006
SIP Textile Industry Gathers Fresh Momentum  09/23/2006
SIP Recruits Talents in the Western Regions  09/22/2006
A New Member Added to SIP Semiconductor Industrial Chain  09/22/2006
China Production Center of Endress Hauser Opens Business  09/20/2006
CAS and Jiangsu to Jointly Build Nanotechnology and Nanofabrication Research Institute  09/19/2006
"Modern Optronic Industrial Base" to Settle in Loufeng Township  09/19/2006
Higher Education Town to Build Movie Theater  09/19/2006
Noah Solution and Hitachi City Carry Out All-round Cooperation  09/18/2006
Shanghai-Nanjing Intercity Railway Approved on Principle  09/18/2006
Suzhou and Shenzhen Vie to Host IC China 2007  09/17/2006
50 Medical and Pharmaceutical Enterprises in SIP Add Up to 1 US$ 1 Billion Investment  09/16/2006
eMEX: 50 Enterprises on the Waiting List  09/16/2006
China SME Trade Fair Goes International  09/15/2006
Johnson & Johnson to Build largest Production Base in China  09/14/2006 Suzhou to Top the Country  09/14/2006
Liang Baohua Meets Guests from Singapore  09/13/2006
SIP to Host Microsoft ISV Executive Summit  09/13/2006
Everlight Project of Optronic Materials Starts Up  09/13/2006
Tung Chee-wah Visits Suzhou  09/11/2006
SIP In'l Science Park Sends Delegation to Nanjing Int'l Software Expo  09/11/2006
US-invested Small "Pumps" Gather in Suzhou  09/07/2006
Suzhou's IC Industry Grows by Annual 50%  09/07/2006
Samsung Shifts Major Manufacturing bases to SIP  09/06/2006
Pin Phototodiode Project Started Up  09/04/2006
Yan Li Meets Microsoft Global Vice-president Chen Yung-cheng  09/04/2006
IC China to Make Debut in Suzhou  09/04/2006
SIP HR Market to Move to East Jinji Lake  09/04/2006
6 Public Service Systems Go in Depth at Suzhou Software Park  09/04/2006
Police Sub-bureau of Dushu Lake Higher Education Town Established  09/01/2006
SIP Senior and Intermediate Talent Exchange Fair Goes on Spot and Online  09/01/2006
SIP Enterprises Care for Needy Students  08/30/2006
The 8th China-Singapore Suzhou Industrial Park Joint Steering Council Meeting Convenes in Beijing  08/28/2006
Deputy Prime Minister Wong Kan Seng Concludes Visit in China  08/28/2006
Wen Jiabao Meets Deputy Prime Minister Wong Kan Seng of Singapore  08/28/2006
SIP China-Singapore Cooperation Zone Expands by 10 Km2  08/26/2006
Li Chaoyuan and Liang Baohua Meet Deputy Prime Minister Wong Kan Seng of Singapore  08/25/2006
The 3rd Suzhou Linkage Industrial Exhibition Presents Machinery of Two fields  08/24/2006
Graco Fluid Handling (Suzhou) Co., Ltd. Opens Business  08/24/2006
Wang Rong Meets Deputy Prime Minister Wong Kan Seng of Singapore  08/24/2006
SIP Int'l Technology Town Forms Partnership with Suzhou Telecom  08/22/2006
SIP Holds Discussion on HR Issues  08/19/2006
Suzhou Software Park Turns Out first Graduates for Animation Industry  08/17/2006
Wang Rong Meets Guests from Singapore  08/16/2006
IBM Interacts with Local Software Engineers  08/16/2006
10 Billion RMB Investment Goes Into SIP Service Sector  08/15/2006
Flowserve CEO Wins Marco Polo Award  08/13/2006
Sci-Tech Culture and Art Center Takes Shape in East-of-lake SIP  08/12/2006
Real Estate Tycoon Prologis Deploys Industrial Properties at China Market  08/12/2006
SIP Customs Publishes "Clearance All in One"  08/10/2006
SIP Ranks Top in "Soft Environment" for Investment  08/09/2006
Flowserve Suzhou Plant Unveiled  08/09/2006
Spansion Sets up Suzhou Designing Center in Global Strategy  08/09/2006
GMs Club Founded in SIP Aerospace Components Industry  08/08/2006
The World's Largest Flat Glass Factory Opens in Suzhou  08/08/2006
SIP Recruitment Delegation in Auckland  08/08/2006
Gala Gathering of Singaporeans in Suzhou  08/07/2006
Wang Jinhua Meets Japanese Guests  08/07/2006
Coordinated Logistic Action Initiated in SIP Special Control Zone  08/07/2006
SIP Recruitment Delegation Arrives in Sydney  08/07/2006
SIP Holds Unveiling Ceremony for "National IPR Experimentation"  08/06/2006
China Int'l Patent Fair Holds IPR Forum  08/06/2006
He Jian and National Chip Jointly Launch Highly Integrated Chips  08/06/2006
Suzhou Ranks First in Registered Foreign Capital in China in the First 6 Months of the Year  08/06/2006
Caterpillar Announces Plan to Build a New Wheel Loader Manufacturing Facility in China  07/25/2006
Microsoft Starts Up First China SaaS Incubation Plan in Suzhou  07/24/2006
Sinarmas and Dawang in Allied Operation in Shengpu Township  07/23/2006
Fresh Steps in Suzhou's Service Industry  07/23/2006
Mayor Yan Li Meets American Guests  07/23/2006
A New Member in SIP Bio-pharmaceutical Industry  07/23/2006
Suzhou Rises as New Base of Domestic Printing Industry  07/23/2006
Features of Suzhou Int'l Expo Center in 2006  07/23/2006
SIP Export & Processing Zone Hits Record High in First Half of the Year  07/23/2006
The World's Largest Hearing Aid Manufacturer Settles in Loufeng Township  07/23/2006
Foundation Laid for BD Rapid Diagnostics Co.  07/23/2006
Drastic Growth in Software Export at SIP Technology Town  07/21/2006
Foundation Laid for Second Samsung Plant in SIP  07/21/2006
First Indian Manufacturer Settles Down in SIP  07/11/2006
Provincial-level Nanotech Innovation Platform to Be Built in Suzhou  07/11/2006
SIP State Tax Bureau Overfulfills Revenue Task for First Half of the Year  07/11/2006
HK University Study Now Available in Suzhou  07/11/2006
Foundation Laid for HKU Space Global College of Suzhou  07/11/2006
"Diploma" Launches Gold Medal Household Service  07/11/2006
Wang Rong Meets Representatives of CSSD Board  07/11/2006
"My Inn" Co. to Set Up Service HQ in Suzhou  07/11/2006
SIP Promotes Commerce and Tourism in a Big Way  07/11/2006
SIP Inspection and Quarantine Office Participates in Building Electronic Port  07/11/2006
Suzhou's Software Industry Marches Towards World Market  07/11/2006
Wang Rong Meets CIO of Boeing  07/02/2006
SIP to Recruit Talents in West China in September  06/30/2006
SIP Local Tax Revenue Collected 22 Days Ahead of Schedule  06/29/2006
Suzhou Software Testing Center Awarded ISO9001 Certification  06/28/2006
Minteq Suzhou Company Opens Business  06/28/2006
New Vision for Self-innovation in Suzhou  06/28/2006
Neighborhood Center Wins Prize for Business Operation Mode  06/28/2006
Fortune-500 MTU Opens Phase-2 New Plant  06/27/2006
SIP Shares Labor and Social Security Information with Enterprises  06/23/2006
Foundation Laid for Shenguotou Commercial Center and Wal Mart in SIP  06/22/2006
Green Belt Along SIP Section of Shanghai-Nanjing Expressway Accepted by High Standard  06/21/2006
Loufeng Township Passes Provincial Examination for "National Model of Rural Township with Beautiful environment"  06/20/2006
Global Automotive Enterprises Vie to Invest in SIP  06/19/2006
Weiting Passes Provincial Examination for "National Township of Beautiful Environment"  06/19/2006
Celebrated Expatriate Awarded for Blood Donation  06/18/2006
New Plant of Tyco Electronics Starts Operation in SIP Export and Processing Zone  06/16/2006
15 SIP Projects Added Under Provincial Torch Plan  06/15/2006
SIP's "Grand Customs Clearance" is Taking Shape  06/14/2006
Over 200 SIP Hi-tech Products Awarded Provincial Certificates  06/13/2006
Jinji Lake Golf Course Officially Opens  06/13/2006
SIP CaYuan Electrical Opens a New Plant  06/12/2006
Metal One Builds Stainless Steel Production and Sales Base in Suzhou  06/09/2006
SIP Service Sector: A Growing Source of State Tax  06/08/2006
New SPF Service Hall Put to Use  06/08/2006
Lord Li Causeway of Special Flavor  06/08/2006
New GLS Plant Put into Operation in SIP  06/07/2006
Suzhou to Develop 5 City-level Commercial Centers  06/07/2006
Heads of Intellectual Property Rights Bureaus in Jiangsu Meet in SIP  06/06/2006
Foundation Laid for Kin Hua Optics  06/06/2006
SIP holds Investment Briefing in Switzerland  06/03/2006
The First Singapore-funded Bank Opens in Suzhou  06/02/2006
Indoor Fitness Gym Added East of Jinji Lake  06/01/2006
Japanese Manufacturer of Top-notch Freezers Enters SIP  05/31/2006
Xi'an Jiaotong-Liverpool University Officially Inaugurated  05/31/2006
Fujitsu's 10 Years in SIP  05/30/2006
British BOC Steps Up Investment in China's Helium Market  05/29/2006
SIP on Equal Footing with International Counterpart  05/29/2006
Fuji Film Electro-Material Suzhou Co. Opens Business  05/27/2006
Shengpu Township Calls Discussion with Enterprises  05/26/2006
Liverpool-Xi'an Jiaotong University Approved by Ministry of Education  05/26/2006
NCS IT Suzhou Passes Level-5 Evaluation  05/25/2006
American "Science Golden Triangle" Opens Window in Suzhou  05/23/2006
Kemet Electronics Opens Second Plant  05/23/2006
KF Valve Co. Starts Operation in Loufeng Township  05/22/2006
Suzhou CBD to Be Sited in SIP  05/20/2006
Energy Conservation in SIP Construction to Meet National Standards  05/20/2006
SIP Built the World's largest Hearing Aid Manufacturing Base  05/20/2006
Photo: Aerial View of SIP  05/19/2006
Montaplast Lays Foundation for New Plant in SIP  05/18/2006
British Retail Giant Tesco to Invest in SIP  05/18/2006
Element Six Sets Up Synthetic Diamond Plant in China  05/17/2006
Another Automotive Tycoon Opens Business in SIP  05/17/2006
SIP Completes 70-km2 Development in 12 Years  05/17/2006
SIP to Build the First Tunnel in Suzhou  05/16/2006
SIP Is Out to Recruit Chinese Students in Manchester  05/16/2006
SIP Int'l Tech Park Aligns with N.C. China Center  05/16/2006
British Royal Engineering Academician to Lecture at Lakeshore Forum  05/15/2006
SIP Advances from Manufacturing Base to Innovation Height  05/14/2006
Gree-Emerson Cooperation Yields Low-temperature Heating Unit  05/14/2006
Noted Academicians Lecture on Nanotech at Suzhou Symposium  05/13/2006
The First Evaluation Report on Development Zones in Jiangsu Published  05/12/2006
Foundation Laid for New Rosti Plant  05/12/2006
New Gates-Unitta Plant Opens operation  05/12/2006
Lakeside Concert in SIP  05/12/2006
SIP Approved to Be National Experimentation Base fro Intellectual Property Rights  05/07/2006
State Guesthouse Completed at Jinji Lake Grand Hotel  05/07/2006
Suzhou's Financial Revenue Hits 10 Billion RMB in the First Quarter of the Year  05/04/2006
New Intellectual Property Rights Measres Adopted in SIP  05/04/2006
Suzhou's Second Largest Sports Complex Built in SIP  05/04/2006
SIP to Realize Urbanization in 3 Years  05/03/2006
New-type Residential Areas Planned in SIP  05/03/2006
United Plastics Completes New Plant  05/02/2006
SIP Allocates 40 Million RMB Technological Development Fund  05/01/2006
China's First Green Plant Opens in SIP  05/01/2006
ICAD Platform Software Fills in the Country's Blank  05/01/2006
400,000 Square Meters CBC to Appear by Jinji Lake  05/01/2006
A World-class Golf Course Opens in SIP  04/25/2006
The 9th Suzhou International Tourism Festival Unveiled on Jinji Lake  04/24/2006
Indonesian Vice-president Visits SIP  04/21/2006
New "Saurer" SIP Plant Opens Oparation  04/21/2006
SIP Science Hub Gets Underway  04/19/2006
China Technology University and Suzhou Speed Up Cooperation  04/19/2006
Sika China HQ Settles Down in Suzhou  04/19/2006
Loufeng Hi-tech Development Zone Certified As Provincial Electronic IT Park  04/18/2006
Li Chaoyuan and Liang Baohua Meet Goh Chok Tong  04/17/2006
Construction begins at China-Singapore Technology Town  04/17/2006
Goh Chok Tong Visits China-Singapore Suzhou Industrial Park  04/16/2006
New Facility Added at Bo Ai School  04/16/2006
Eltimoger Co. to Be Set Up in SIP  04/14/2006
Construction of China?s Largest Yogurt Production Base Begins  04/13/2006
Suzhou Branch of DBS Bank Approved by China Banking Supervisory Commission  04/11/2006
Mainland's First WLP Line Settles in SIP  04/11/2006
Suzhou to See Entry of the First Japanese Property Insurance Company  04/10/2006
IC Industry in SIP Boasts US$ 6 Billion Investment  04/09/2006
Suzhou's Technological Innovation Platform Extended to Tokyo  04/09/2006
SIP Holds Li Gong Causeway Promotion Meeting  04/08/2006
SIP Logistics Center Hits Record High in Operation Service  04/08/2006
Moric (Suzhou) Electrical Co. Commences Operation  04/07/2006
SIP Medical & Pharmaceutical Industry GMs Club Established  04/06/2006
East-of-lake Will Put on Dance "Spring Flowers and Waters Under Moonlight"  04/04/2006
SIP Bonded Logistic Center Bridges the Gap between Production and Logistics  04/03/2006
Haochen Technology Localizes ICAD Software  04/03/2006
Yan Li Meets Australian Consul General of Shanghai  04/02/2006
China?s First Hydrogen-powered Coach Made in Suzhou  04/02/2006
Foundation Laid for Black & Decker Phase Two  03/31/2006
Reflections on Singapore Ngee Ann Polytechnic's Community Service at Bo Ai  03/30/2006
The Mid-lake Isle Overlooks the West Shores  03/30/2006
CAS, Province, and Municipality to Cooperate in Building Nanotech Research Institution  03/29/2006
Waseda Room Unveiled at Suzhou Middle School at SIP  03/28/2006
Container Train Goes from Suzhou to Shenzhen  03/27/2006
SIP Holds Training Class on Policies and Regulations of Inspection and Quarantine  03/27/2006
Suzhou Cartoon HR Training Base Established  03/25/2006
Hi-tech Claims 60% of SIP Industrial Output Value  03/25/2006
SIP Allocates Millions RMB to Support Technological Innovation Enterprises  03/24/2006
SIP Starts Construction of Creation Industry and Bio-Bay Technology Parks  03/24/2006
National Development Bank and SIP Join Hands in Raising Venture Investment Fund  03/23/2006
Green Grounds Will Claim Half of SIP  03/22/2006
Fagerhult Co. Assists Needy Students of SIP  03/22/2006
Fewer Crabs and More Reeds to Improve SIP Ecology  03/21/2006
Suzhou to Benefit from Two Planned Rail Traffic Lines  03/21/2006
Singapore Procuratorial Delegation Visits SIP  03/21/2006
Postgraduate School of Nanjing University Inaugurated in Suzhou  03/20/2006
Microsoft and Suzhou Software Center Jointly Launch New Products  03/19/2006
Japanese Enterprises Increased to 259in SIP  03/19/2006
SIP-PF IC Card Passes All Municipal Hospitals  03/19/2006
Suzhou EMEX Scheduled for October  03/16/2006
Optical Electronic Industry Leaps Forward in Loufeng Township  03/15/2006
Miura Industres Co. Commences Operation  03/14/2006
German Friends Visit SIP Bo Ai School  03/14/2006
Dongcheng Network Co. Built Labs at University  03/14/2006
CAS, Jiangsu, and Suzhou Jointly to Conduct Nanometer Research  03/14/2006
The 6th SIP Talents Recruitment Fair to Begin on March 18  03/14/2006
First Digital Movie Show at West-of-Lake Neighborhood  03/14/2006
Gleeds Construction Consultant Co. Opens in SIP  03/09/2006
New Time (Suzhou) Co. Moved into Genway Mansion  03/09/2006
Emerson Climate Technology Wins HK Industry Award  03/09/2006
Suzhou-Shanghai Expressway to Begin Construction of Shanghai Section Within the Year  03/09/2006
A Hundred Expatriate Ladies from SIP Enjoy a "Cultural" Women's Day  03/08/2006
400 Foreign Babies Born in Suzhou Annually  03/07/2006
Shengpu Township Awarded "Beautiful Environment Township of China"  03/06/2006
Provincial State Tax Bureau Promises Full Support for SIP Growth  03/02/2006
Municipal Leader Meets Guests from Israel  03/01/2006
The Fifth City Bus Company Opens in SIP  02/28/2006
SIP-AEFI Holds 2nd Council Meeting in 2006  02/28/2006
Kubota to build New Base Plant in Suzhou  02/28/2006
Swedish SCA Packing Co. Lays Foundation  02/26/2006
Clustering Aviation Industry in SIP Shows Superiority  02/25/2006
Foreign Investors Favors Suzhou's Pharmaceutical Industry  02/24/2006
N. Carolina and SIP Exchange Offices  02/24/2006
Huaneng No.4 Generator Unit Starts Operation  02/23/2006
IDC Units Put into Operation at SIP Int'l Tech Park  02/23/2006
Wang Rong Meets Guests from Singapore  02/23/2006
Taiwan Flat Screen Manufacturer Lays Foundation  02/21/2006
Digital Movie to Be Popularized in SIP  02/21/2006
Xinzhongda and SIPIVT to Cooperate in ERP Lab  02/20/2006
A Million RMB Awarded to Lu Ban Prize Winner  02/20/2006
New Eastern City Rises Over 5 Regions  02/19/2006
Suzhou Becomes Major Base of Samsung Investment  02/19/2006
SIP Seeks Advice form Senior Managers of Foreign-invested Enterprises  02/18/2006
Arch Chemicals Lays Foundation in SIP  02/18/2006
Zhongke and Shiba Soku Begins Cooperation in IC Testing  02/17/2006
Nikko Woojin Precision Manufacturing Co. Goes into Operation  02/17/2006
Loufeng Township Hits 1 billion Financial Revenue  02/16/2006
SIP Neighborhood Centers Become National Model of Community Commerce  02/15/2006
Suzhou Int'l Tourism Festival to Unfold in April  02/14/2006
6 CSVC Projects Subsidized by Provincial Policy  02/13/2006
SIP Int'l Tech Park: Internet Games with 100 Million RMB Earnings  02/13/2006
National Development Bank Promises Support for New Round of Construction in SIP  02/12/2006
Good Star in the New Year for SIP Financial Revenue  02/11/2006
11,000 Jobs Identified through HR Agency in SIP  02/10/2006
Yan Li Meets Guest from Singapore  02/10/2006
Female Employees Outnumber the Males in SIP  02/09/2006
New SIP Administration Center Officially Unveiled East of Jinji Lake  02/08/2006
2005: a Witness of "Cultural Suzhou"  02/07/2006
Best Wishes from a Leukemia Patient for the New Year  02/06/2006
A Private Enterprise Cares for Needy Families  02/06/2006
Riverside Plaza Ready for Lunar New Year Lantern Festival  02/06/2006
A Fruitful Year in Retrospect  02/03/2006
Renheng Property Makes Donations to Needy Students and Home for Aged  01/30/2006
Wang Rong Makes Commitments to Foreign-invested Enterprises  01/29/2006
4 Certified IC Designing Enterprises Added to SIP  01/28/2006
Jinji Lake Scenic Spot Wins "Best Tourism Investment" Award  01/27/2006
New Vacon Plant in SIP Commissioned  01/25/2006
Suzhou Logistics Center Rises to 4A Grade  01/25/2006
Wang Rong Meets Guests from Singapore  01/24/2006
SIP Wins Lu Ban Award for First Time  01/23/2006
First visit to Kowloon Hospital by Representatives of Foreign-invested Interprises  01/22/2006
SIP Holds Training on Policies on Foreign Exchange Control  01/21/2006
Prestigious Int?l Auto-electronic Plant Opens in Loufeng Township  01/20/2006
Tourism Takes Off in SIP  01/19/2006
Kolon Chemical & Georgia-Pacific Resins Joining Hands in SIP  01/19/2006
SIP-AEFI Holds Council Meeting  01/18/2006
East Loufeng HR Market Opens  01/17/2006
Loufeng Certified as Electronic IT Park of Jiangsu Province  01/16/2006
Trade and Commerce Leap Forward in SIP  01/16/2006
"Aero-accessory Manufacturing Town" Rises in East-of-lake SIP  01/12/2006
Hangzhou Xiaoshan Airport Seeks Customers from Suzhou  01/11/2006
Governor Liang Baohua Meets Singaporean Minister for Education  01/10/2006
The First Foreign-funded "Kowloon Hospital" Opens in Suzhou  01/09/2006
SIP-- a Miniaturized "Urban Forest"  01/09/2006
Diploma Co. Carries on Care for the Handicapped Children  01/07/2006
SIP HR Market to Move East of Jinji Lake in May  01/05/2006
A New Neighborhood Center to Locate in East-of-lake SIP  01/04/2006
Adidas China Logistics Center Settles in SIP  01/04/2006
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