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Suzhou Kinglong's Annual Output Hits 10,000 Coaches

Suzhou Kinglong Automobile Plant had the largest production line when its was built and commissioned in SIP in July 2003 to assemble passenger coaches. December 28, 2005 is the day that witnessed the 10,000th coach off the line for the year. On the same day, the SIP public transport company put the newly bought 30 coaches into the bus route operation. Now, Suzhou Kinglong has become the second biggest coach manufacturer of large and medium-sized commercial coaches in China with an annual output of over 10,000, second only to Yutong Company.

Suzhou Kinglong started in 1998 and proved to be the fastest growing enterprise in the automobile industry in China. The sales volume of coaches increased from 1,650 coaches in 1999 to 10,100 in 2005, thanks to priority given to technological innovation. The company has established high-speed coach research center, post-doctorate research station, provincial-level technological center, auto testing center, and other R&D institutions with heavy investment. As a result, the company is leading the domestic technology in development and experiment, and its self-developed "Haige" coach represents a new generation of deluxe public transport in China, being the first to apply the front-and-rear wheel braking system to coaches with over 10 meters in length. The performance and main parameters have reached the international standards.

In the accelerated course of urbanization, greater demands are being raised for public transportation means. Statistics show that by the year 2010, the buses for urban transportation will increase to 350,000 to 400,000. Speed, safety, and comfort will be the major concerns in the development of coach manufacturing at Suzhou Kinglong. By now, the company has set up 32 sales branches and 10 accessory supply centers across the country in addition to 321 customer service stations, where customer's green channels and call-service are available.

The new Haige coaches recently put into public transport service in SIP belong to the newly developed generation featuring safety, stability, and comfort.

Dec. 29, 2005

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