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CAS Semiconductor R&D Center Moves Into SIP

Semiconductor Research Institute of China Academy of Science (CAS), Suzhou Municipal Bureau of Science and Technology, and SIP Bureau of Science and Technology signed an agreement in Beijing on Dec. 27 on the cooperation project to establish jointly "CAS Semiconductor IC Technology R&D Center". The three parties will work together to set up an engineering R&D center in SIP to introduce the tested results of CAS and to develop semiconductor hi-tech products so as to pave a "green channel" for the industrialization of advanced technologies. Wang Jinhua, Deputy Secretary of Municipal Party Committee and Secretary of SIP Party Working Committee, attended the signing ceremony.

CAS Semiconductor Research Institute has achieved many successful results in the theory, material, circuits, and components of semiconductors, and the research products with intellectual property rights are showing great prospect of industrialization. The aim of the agreed cooperation in the CAS Semiconductor IC R&D Center is chiefly to conduct development and industrialization on the basis of the research products of advanced technologies from the institute.

Dec. 26, 2005

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