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Hitachi Semiconductor Assembly Plant Completed

Hitachi Chemical Company has intensified its efforts towards the goal of 7 billion USD sales in China. Recently, Hitachi Chemical has completed a production base for epoxy molding compounds for semiconductors in SIP, Suzhou. The plant is built with 200 million RMB investment, and its annual production capacity will reach 6,000 tons. This will greatly boost its semiconductor-related material business in China.

Recent years have seen a tide of investment in China by an increasing number of semiconductor manufacturers from Japan, Europe, USA, and Korea, and many plants have been built with complete production lines. Meanwhile, large-sized domestic enterprises are speeding up paces in setting up semiconductor plants. Semiconductor industry in China is undergoing a period of a great leap forward. The demand for environment-friendly assembly materials will keep rising for the years to come.

The newly completed plant of Hitachi Chemical (Suzhou) Co., Ltd., as a semiconductor materials manufacturer, will be committed to meeting the growing demands at the Chinese market. The plant will chiefly produce advanced environment-friendly assembly materials for semiconductor of logic circuits.

Previously, Hitachi Chemical was carrying out production of semiconductor assembly materials in Japan and Malaysia. With the its China production base in operation, Hitachi Chemical will establish a supply system of 30,000 tons/year.

Dec. 27, 2005

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