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SIP State Tax Bureau in Consistent Pro-business Service

SIP State Tax Bureau is consistently pursuing a principle of "stability, care, and economic gains for businesses", and making active efforts in raising the level of tax services. The bureau makes it an important task in serving enterprises to apply for and implement preferential policies in taxation. In September and November, the bureau succeeded in obtaining the preferential policy of "5 years’ exemption and the following 5 years’ reduction by half of tax" respectively for He Jian Technology (Suzhou) Co., Ltd. and Infinione Technology (Suzhou) Co., Ltd., which is the first instance of such policy ever approved by National Bureau of State Tax.

Lack of practical experience to draw upon, the bureau had to face many difficulties and uncertainty in this instance. But the bureau attached high importance to the work by starting the mechanism of special case handling directed by the head of the bureau. On the one hand, the bureau instructed the enterprises to prepare all necessary documents according to official circulars, and on the other hand, the bureau made active coordination with the provincial and national bureaus while studying the cases closely. Director Jiang of the bureau personally led a team to Beijing to give detailed account of the specific conditions of the enterprises, and invited relevant leaders from the National Bureau to come over to make on-spot investigations. Finally, the conditions were all ripe for Ministry of Finance and National Bureau of State Tax to issue jointly the written approval for the policy of "5 years’ exemption and the following 5 years’ reduction by half of tax" for the two enterprises.

The whole process, from the submission of documents by the first enterprise to the final issue of approval for the two enterprises, took only a short period of 6 months. Not only such high working proficiency was highly praised by the enterprise investors, but also the bureau has set up a convincing pro-business image among overseas investors in SIP. The company leader of He Jian Technology wrote a letter of thanks to SIP leader Wang Jinhua and expressed deep gratitude and praise for the work of SIP State Tax.

Dec. 22, 2005

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