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Century Lianhua Opens Its First Suzhou Mall in Loufeng

Loufeng Township of SIP continues to lead in service industry among townships of Suzhou by proclaiming the opening of the large-scale Lian Feng Commercial Square to the east of Jinji Lake on Dec. 16, which tolled 400 million RMB in investment. Century Lianhua, the biggest retail business in China, opened its first shopping mall in Suzhou at the square, with a total constructed area of 26,000 square meters. It is also the first shopping mall in the east-of-lake area of SIP. Wang Jinhua, Deputy Secretary of Municipal Party Committee and Secretary of SIP Party Working Committee, attended the opening ceremony of the shopping mall.

Since the marketing campaign for service sector staged by Loufeng in September, a number of well-known domestic and overseas service enterprises have decided to move into the township, such as Carrefour, Guo Mei Electricals, and Century Lian Hua, and new business carriers have sprung up, including the East City Century Square, Lian Feng Commercial Square, Landmark Commercial Square, and Mei Shun Hardware and Electrical Mart, etc.


Lian Feng Business Square, a comprehensive business complex with 120,000 sq.m. in area under the slogan of building up "Xujiahui of Suzhou, and Guanquan of Suzhou", was invested by SIP United Investment Co., Ltd. in 2003 to embrace the functions of large department store, retail businesses, F&B, leisure and recreation, hotel, and neighborhood services. The desirable infrastructure and business atmosphere have made the square the first destination of Century Lianhua in Suzhou. The mall has a business area of 26,000 sq.m. with over 20,000 items of goods.

Dec. 17, 2005

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