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Software Park Training Center Established

The Training Center at Suzhou Software Park was recently established to turn out more personnel in software application by a brand-new mode of training featuring "customized training for enterprises' needs". The trainees will sign recruitment agreements with enterprises prior to training according to their recruitment plans, and the final results of training will ensure 100'% recommendations and 90% selections for jobs.

The issue strongly felt about software personnel in Suzhou is that the number is far behind the needs and the applicants lack in practical experience. It is predicted in the software development plan of Suzhou that the software industry will employ 36,000 people by the year 2008, yet only some 2,000 graduates of IT majors will be available from the universities of Suzhou. Besides, the graduates of software cannot be quickly adapted to software development and testing due to lack of practical knowledge. 

The Software Park Training Center of SIP International Technology Park has mapped out special training curriculums oriented towards IT and cartoon industries, including customized courses for software enterprises and for qualification certificate, and related languages.

Dec. 13, 2005

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