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Two Foreign-invested Enterprises Start Operation in East-of-lake SIP

The development of SIP continues eastward to the wide expanses of infrastructure-ready land east of the Jinji Lake. Added to the over 2,000 enterprises of SIP are two newly commissioned foreign-invested plants: RTT Engineering Plastic and Tesa Adhesives, inaugurated on Dec. 8.

With a total of 25 US$ million investment by its parent company from Singapore, RTT Engineering Plastic (Suzhou) Co., Ltd., registered in SIP July last year, aims to expand production capacity for the growing Asian-Pacific market. The first phase includes construction of a new plant and assembling of equipment, and transfer of technology. The company will produce special thermo-plastic synthetic materials with post-sale technological service.

Tesa Adhesives Company is one of the largest producers of its kind in the world. The Suzhou plant covers an area of 70,000 square meters with a total investment of US$ 30 million. The adhesive tapes produced by the company will chiefly be used in automotive and electronic industries. A R&D technological center is attached to the company to provide related backups for industries in SIP.

Dec. 9, 2005

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